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January 7, 2021

5 New Year’s Resolution for Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system does a lot of work all year long. After all, it keeps your home cool in the summer with air conditioning components and warm in the winter with a furnace or other heat source. So, as you make your resolutions for the coming year, don’t forget about your heating and cooling system! Below, we present five New Year’s resolutions for your HVAC system for the next year and beyond.

1. Change Your Filter as Recommended

One of the simplest New Year’s resolutions to keep regarding your HVAC system is to change your filter regularly. Check to see what your manufacturer recommends – although every three months or so is what’s typically suggested. Clean filters help your HVAC system run efficiently, reduce wear on various parts, and help with indoor air quality.

2. Consider a Smart Thermostat

If you’ve relied on your HVAC system for several years, you may still have a manual thermostat. While this type of thermostat works just fine when it comes to triggering system cycles, it doesn’t have the added perks that go along with today’s smart thermostats. Some of these include:

  • Having Wi-Fi connectivity so you can adjust your home’s HVAC settings remotely
  • Tracking energy usage
  • Getting to know your comfort patterns so automatic adjustments can be made
  • Programming settings to match your heating and cooling preferences when awake and sleeping

3. Remember Your Indoor Air Quality

An efficient HVAC system is one that can contribute to your family’s health and well-being by keeping the indoor air quality in check. Further, boost your indoor air quality in the new year by considering:

  • Adopting a regular cleaning schedule
  • Adding some green plants to your indoor spaces
  • Including air quality components for your HVAC system
  • A whole-house dehumidifier or other air quality products
  • Ventilators that help with the intake of fresh air and removal of stale air

4. Consider Zoning Systems

Adjustments to your HVAC system can be made in a way that allows for more control over cooled or warmed air distribution. This is known as a zoning system. It’s worth considering in the coming year if you have multiple levels of your home where there are different comfort preferences.

5. Upgrade Your HVAC System If It’s an Older One

HVAC systems typically last for about 10-15 years for the cooling part and 15-20 years for the heating part. If your heating and cooling system are at or near the end of its natural lifespan, use the new year as an incentive to consider investing in a new HVAC system. Yes, this may be a big investment for you. However, it’s worth considering since newer comfort systems are designed to be more efficient than what was common even a decade or so ago.

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