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Five Ways To Prepare Your Philadelphia Home For Autumn

Summer is coming to an end. Your days at the beach may be numbered now as cold weather draws near. With that comes the need to make sure our HVAC systems are functioning well and capable of providing us with warmth during the most frigid of days.

For the past weeks, our air conditioners were one of the most utilized appliances but now we’ll have to turn our attention to the furnaces. Is yours ready for the autumn and winter season? Find out some great ways to prepare your home for the upcoming seasonal changes:


Small gaps within your house leading to the outside, mostly found on windows and doors, of your home can actually make things harder for your HVAC as the heat meant for you and your family to enjoy escapes through these gaps. Keep them inside through insulation. This is a job that may be accomplished by yourself if ever you choose to do so, but you could expect better results if you’d let professionals do this task.

Replace Dirty Filters

Once air filters of your system have racked up more particles than they could handle, it’s time to replace them. Make sure you purchase ones with the identical size and MERV rating to avoid any issues. A filter that is graded higher than what can be catered by your HVAC can lead to damage and poor performance. 

For permanent filters make sure to wash them when full of dust. Make sure to be gentle when rinsing to avoid puncturing it.

Test Thermostat

Examine your thermostat and see if it is still in good condition or is in need of repair, replacement, or new batteries. Turn it on and adjust it to different temperatures. Observe if it is able to meet these. Try other features you have available.such as zoning and programming and check if it works.

Always have a stock of brand new batteries for this kept within your residence so that you can avoid problems of a malfunction when you’ll be needing it the most.

Check Your Furnace

Now that you’ve taken a look at the system’s control panel, how about the actual model that does the heating? Even when you don’t quite need it yet turn on your furnace and evaluate how it does. Is it able to warm your home as good as before?

Turning it on also lengthens its lifespan as, like all machines, it needs to be operated every now and then to maintain a good working quality.


Now would be the best time to make upgrades to your furnace as you won’t be needing it yet. Of course, have your current unit checked first by a licensed technician and if they find it’s no longer cost-efficient to keep using it.

Doing this early allows you to avoid rates surging during peak season and prevent having to compete for this equipment with other consumers in the market.

It’s important to be prepared for what mother nature will throw at us. Stay vigilant always with the changing seasons so that you and your family may stay safe and comfortable even during the most severe of weathers. Get help from a trusted HVAC servicing company that does their work with the love of the Lord. Call Christian Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. at (215) 372-8636.