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June 26, 2020

Can Air Conditioners Remove Humidity?

Having a reliable air conditioner can have a significant impact on your standard of living. When most people do their research to decide which air conditioner unit is going to be the best fit for their home, they tend to make the mistake of forgetting one of the most important assets of owning an air conditioner; the appliance’s ability to dehumidify the room.

AC units are not specifically designed to dehumidify the area they are cooling down, but they will still help dehumidify the area to an extent, nonetheless. This is where Christian Heating and Air Conditioning comes in – with our wide selection of models that are guaranteed to cool down your living space and dehumidify your home, it’s time you upgraded your home with the latest technology in indoor comfort.

Dehumidify while you cool

Air conditioners are designed with superior humidity control, allowing the user to optimize the level of humidity in their home to their exact needs and preferences; with Christian Heating and Air Conditioning at your service, you can say goodbye to the headache of having to purchase and maintain a whole separate machine just for dehumidifying your home.

Green power

Unlike our competitors, we can provide you with an ENERGY STAR qualified appliance that meets or exceeds EPA guidelines for energy efficiency. In addition to the superior humidity controls our units have to offer, you can rest easier at night knowing your home is being made comfortable with the needs of the planet in mind. Although we always encourage our customers to only use their air conditioning units as necessary in order to maximize savings while minimizing environmental impact, it still provides great peace of mind knowing that if the need arises, you can run your AC all day and still not do as much environmental damage as you would with most other brands.

Control from anywhere

Nothing is worse than leaving the house for work, only to suddenly remember you left your air conditioner on full blast. Get ready for these worries to be a thing of the past with one of our units – we offer several options that include an Infinity Control operation that allows you to control your AC unit from your tablet or smartphone no matter where you are, and you can even schedule in advance when you want your air conditioner to turn on or off.

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