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November 30, 2020

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover HVAC Units?

From time to time, the HVAC systems might be damaged and need repair or replacement. Getting the funds for this can sometimes prove to be very frustrating. However, you can put your mind at ease by having your HVAC system covered. Homeowners insurance offers to ensure your HVAC system and incur the cost of the repairs. However, there are instances where a claim is not eligible. These instances include intentional damage to the HVAC system or damage due to old age.

Homeowners Insurance Ensures Your HVAC from Damages Like:

  • Damage to the air conditioner by hail: Hail damages are the most common damages to the air conditioning system. In case of such occurrence, Homeowners insurance will help pay for the replacement or repair of the air conditioning system.
  • Lightening and fire damages: If lightning strikes or fire outbreaks damage the air conditioning system, your home insurance policy will cover the replacement or repair cost.
  • Vandalism and falling trees: Homeowners insurance policies cover damages incurred through both vandalism and falling objects. Therefore, if the HVAC system gets vandalized, the repair or replacement cost is covered.

Damages Not Covered Under the Homeowners Insurance Policy Include:

  • Breakdown due to old age: Homeowners insurance does not cover natural wear and tear. Therefore, if your HVAC system fails from a mechanical problem like a broken fun or the evaporator coil freezes, you will have to incur the repair or replacement cost.
  • Accidents: in cases where the HVAC unit sustains damage from careless accidents, you will have to incur the cost.

Filing for HVAC Unit Insurance Claim

If your HVAC unit sustains damage from an event covered by your policy, you should estimate the repair cost and weigh it against the policy deductible. In case it is higher than the deductible, you may consider filing a claim.

Take pictures of your HVAC unit, note down the serial and model number, state the cause of the damage, and then call the insurer. An adjuster will then visit your home to evaluate the damages sustained and make a cost estimate of replacement or repair. It is advisable to meet the adjuster and ensure that no damage is missed or overlooked during the assessment.

If your homeowners insurance policy covers replacement, the insurance will reimburse the replacement cost. If the policy also covers actual cash value, the insurance will reimburse the unit’s market value at the time of loss.

Understanding what your homeowners insurance covers and maintaining your HVAC unit can save you from costly repairs in the future. Contact the experts at Christian Heating & Air Conditioning and schedule your next service.

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