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May 20, 2020

How to Efficiently Use Your Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is amongst the most pleasing creature comforts you can have in your home. These systems eliminate heat and humidity and enable your home or apartment to proceed through the potentially challenging summer months in ease. Air conditioners use a significant amount of electricity to operate properly. Over time, these high energy usages can become costly.

Take a look at these highlighting tips you can apply to utilize an air conditioner with greater efficiency.

Set The Thermostat At One Consistent Temperature

Many industry professionals recommend keeping a thermostat set at a certain temperature. For example, if the device is placed at 78 degrees, the homeowners should leave it at that setting for the entire summer. The air conditioner cools at the same rate no matter where it is set. Adjusting the temperature to 70 degrees will not help your house get to 78 degrees any faster than leaving it at 76. This will only increase your energy bills.

Quickly Extract Warm Air

Additional hot air for example from cooking will cause indoor temperatures to rise and necessitate the air conditioner to run for longer durations. Therefore, using an exhaust fan or ceiling or floor fan should be used to move the hot air out of the kitchen.

Keep Curtains Or Blinds Drawn

The windows in your home should be covered with blinds or curtains. Moreover, your curtains should be drawn at all times, especially true for houses with windows facing east and west. Allowing sunlight to penetrate through the windows and into your home can cause a precipitous increase of the indoor temperature and increases the amount of work your air conditioner has to do. To maximize cooling, open the drapes, blinds or curtains in the evening to allow heat to escape through the windows.

Use Other Appliances At During Cooler Periods

Household appliances like the dishwater, washer and dryer utilize a significant amount of electricity and generate large heat concentrations. If these appliances are operating in conjunction with the air conditioning unit, your usage will skyrocket and so will your monthly charges. Therefore, those appliances should be used during cooler periods like the evening and early morning hours.

Investing in a Dehumidifier

Humidity in the air can make the surrounding environment and yourself appear warmer than it actually is. This is great for winter but not so great for summer months!  If you have a dehumidifier, turn it on when the temperature rises. Ridding your house of the extra moisture in the air will make you feel a lot more comfortable and reduce your air conditioner from over working as it is cooling your home. You may even be able to set your air conditioner above 78 degrees when using a dehumidifier combined with fans and obtain the same cooling effects.

Receive A Thorough System Tune Up

An operating air conditioner does not always equal an efficiently working system. Enabling a yearly professional maintenance company, such as Christian Heating & Air Conditioning to perform a thorough tune up is essential for air conditioning systems. During a tune up technicians not only clean but inspect the unit for underlying issues from clogged condensate drains or clogged filters which left unchecked can lead to problems and damage with the internal components (costly repairs).  Additional, properly maintenance air conditioning systems run more efficiently and require less energy, saving you on your bills.

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