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May 17, 2021

HVAC To-Do List for Spring 2021

A heating and cooling system needs to be in tip-top shape all year long. That being said, there are certain times of the year when you’ll want to give your HVAC system some extra attention. Spring is a perfect time to do this since many homeowners are getting ready to shift their system from heating to cooling.

At Christian Heating and Air Conditioning, one of our top priorities is to help homeowners like you enjoy optimal comfort year-round. So, with spring being just around the corner, we present a handy HVAC to-do list for spring 2021.

Change Your Filter

An excellent place to start with a spring HVAC to-do list is with your filter. Dirty or clogged filters can affect your indoor air quality and your system’s overall efficiency. It’s advised that you change your filter every three months.

Clean Registers and Vents

Regardless of where your registers and vents are located, they can become coated with debris and other materials over time. Use warm, soapy water to clean your registers and vents to ensure optimal airflow.

Clean Accessible Indoor Parts

Fans and blades are among the parts typically easily accessible for homeowners on heating and cooling systems. Wipe these inside parts of your system down to remove dust and debris.

Clean Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can be a great complement to your HVAC system by helping to circulate cooled or warmed air. Dust and wash the blades on all your ceiling fans. Use a damp cloth if you have any blades caked with debris.

Don’t Forget Your Kitchen

The ventilation part of the HVAC extends to your kitchen. Focus your spring cleaning efforts for this purpose on:

  • Your stove’s exhaust hood
  • Ducts over your oven
  • Any other vents or fans you may have in your kitchen/dining area

Start with a quick wipe-down. If your range hood has a removable filter, clean it in a big bowl or bucket of soapy water. For tougher, under-hood debris, use a degreaser.

Consider an Air Purifier

Spring is a great time to consider an air purifier as you get back into the habit of balancing your indoor and outdoor time more evenly. Air purifiers improve your home’s air quality by removing and reducing everything from allergens and germs to mold spores and odors from cooking.

Clean Your Windows

Dust, dirt, allergens, and mold can also gradually build up on your home’s windows. Give your indoor air quality a boost this spring by thoroughly cleaning your windows.

Consider a ‘Smart’ Thermostat

Make a wise investment in your home’s comfort this spring by considering an upgrade to a smart thermostat. They are specially designed to learn your comfort preferences and save you money by giving you more precise temperature control.

Outdoor HVAC-Related Things

Finally, wrap up your spring HVAC to-do list by paying attention to some HVAC-related things outdoors. For this part of the list, we recommend:

• Clearing away any leftover leaves and fall-winter debris from around your exterior AC unit

• Running your AC briefly to check the hose-like drain line – if there’s no water flow at all, it may be clogged

• Scheduling an AC tune-up that includes a check of the exterior unit to look for any issues

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