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April 4, 2019

Summer HVAC Money Saving Tips!

Christian’s Money Saving Tips

Spring is here and now is the perfect time to get your A/C unit prepared for summer, which means we have some money saving tips. While you may be unsure of what steps to take, the team at Christian Heating and Air Conditioning are here to help. We’ve put together the following tips to help you keep your A/C unit performing at its best – keeping your family comfortable and your energy bills low.

  1. Keep Your A/C Unit in the Shade and Free of Grass Clippings, Bushes & Trees
    • A/C Units with proper shading & air flow can run more efficiently and have an easier time cooling the air. A 2-4ft clearance around and above the unit is suggested.
  2. Consider a Programmable Thermostat
    • If it’s hard to remember to tweak your thermostat before you leave for work, consider investing in a programmable or smart thermostat to regulate the heating & cooling when you are not home.
  3.  Location Of Your Thermostat
    • If your thermostat is next to a hot window or lamp your A/C unit will kick on much more often than it needs to because it will think the room is hotter than it actually is.
  4. Thermostat Settings
    • Set your thermostat as high as comfortably possible in the summer. You can save 10 percent a year on your cooling bills by setting your thermostat just 5-10 degrees higher for eight hours each day
  5. A/C Unit No Longer Efficient
    • Consider replacing your unit with an energy-efficient model. They’re usually more expensive but eligible for PECO, Manufacturer & other rebates as well as affordable financing options. Energy Efficient models use less energy-saving you money in the long run!
  6. Use A Ceiling Fan
    • Using a ceiling fan counterclockwise in the summer can make a room feel 10 degrees cooler and uses 10 percent of the energy of a central air conditioner.
  7. Keep Your A/C Fan on
    • Keep your A/C fan running on hot days to keep the temperatures move more evenly.  This will also prevent your unit from working harder when you need it to cool down
  8. Weatherize your home
    • By investing in insulated & tinted windows and blinds or shades you keep the warm air out and cool air to stay in.  Schedule a Home and Duct Energy Audit with us to reveal exactly where that wasted energy is!
  9. Schedule a Tune up
    • Each central A/C  unit should be inspected, cleaned  preseason in order to extend the life of your system & keep it running at optimum energy efficiency.

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