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September 15, 2018

The Benefits of Changing Your Home’s Thermostat

When making changes to our homes it’s only natural that we seek out the rewards that come when doing so. The thermostat is a component which is the key to controlling your entire HVAC system.

When looking at it from this perspective, we may fail to see what we may gain from upgrading this. Some may ask how a new model of this kind would differ from the old ones where you could adjust your system to the degree of temperature you desire. Fortunately, there are benefits in replacing your thermostat for later versions, thanks to the development of technology in this area.

Programmable Technology

Thermostat models now have a programmable feature where you may set when and how cold or hot you want the HVAC to run. Before people would have to leave the heater on the whole day during a cold winter day so that they could arrive in their homes with the feeling of warmth.

With the programmable thermostat, you are able to have it start operating some time before your expected arrival time so you are still met with a warm atmosphere while being able to minimize its usage.

This may help decrease wear and tear as it doesn’t have to keep running for lengthy periods of time. It also minimizes your usage of power since it only starts consuming it when needed.


This characteristic of a thermostat means your HVAC may only alter the temperature in specific rooms but not your entire residence, with each possibly having different levels of heat or cold. This means people in your family with different preferences won’t have to quarrel it out but they may now have different choices provided that they are in separate areas.

This may contribute to lowering your electricity bills since you may now choose to refrain your HVAC from servicing these places.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

We all know that cellular phones of today can connect to the internet but are you also aware that there are thermostats which can do the same? Certain thermostats may now link up to your Wi-Fi and with an app you download, you may stary conveniently customizing the settings of your HVAC system thru your smartphone.

The best part is you don’t necessarily have to be close by. You can be as far away as possible so long as both are connected to the internet. These also show certain information about other things in your home such as electricity consumption, and you may also manage other aspects of your residence via this device such as your security features.

This means that you can check the condition of your home from anywhere in the world and make sure your alarms haven’t gone off, or your family isn’t wasting to much energy.

To know more about these contact your technician for advice on this. It’s only normal that you don’t know much about the newest possible thermostat capabilities, but the professionals most certainly always stay up to date on this subject. Simply ask an expert you know you can rely on. Talk to us at Christian Heating and Air Conditioning! We’d love to discuss them. Call us at 1-215-488-5795.

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