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December 3, 2019

Why You Should Cover Your A/C During the Winter

If you have an outdoor air conditioning unit, then it’s likely you’ve considered covering it. It seems like the debate to cover or not is one that is never-ending in the online and offline worlds. The reality is that an air conditioner cover is a necessary HVAC component that will ensure your system runs properly when summertime comes back around. Let’s take a look at the various external factors that your unit faces during the winter.

Rain And Snow

Rain and snow both mean that water will eventually get inside of your air conditioning unit. When it comes to snow, this could be for days on end, especially if you live in the eastern part of the country. Without your air conditioner running, the water stays planted inside of your unit. This can lead to unnecessary rust and corrosion of the unit’s metal components. In addition, the water could end up refreezing on the condenser coils which can weaken them over time.

Dirt And Debris

The fall months will bring lots of loose debris that can get trapped in your outdoor unit. This includes debris such as leaves, grass, rocks, acorns, and so forth. It’s very hard to get this type of debris back out of the air conditioning unit unless you manually do so. If this loose debris stays put in the bottom of your unit, it will naturally start to decay. This creates formic acid which can be corrosive to the copper coils inside of your system. If left unattended this acid will leave tiny holes in the copper coils that will lead to a refrigerant leak. This is potentially dangerous for both your air conditioning unit and the environment around it.

Hail And Icicles

It’s important to realize that any sort of impact damage that your air conditioning system undergoes can reduce its efficiency. The outside of your air conditioning unit has many metal slats that any HVAC professional can point out for you. This is where the air flows into the unit to be cooled down. These slats can be easily damaged with minimal impact. Things like small hail and icicles can be enough to dent those slats inward and impede the airflow throughout the unit. This will make it work less effective next summer.

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Air conditioning systems are an expensive investment and protecting that is of utmost importance to many homeowners in making sure they run effectively in the long run. For this reason, our HVAC professionals recommend having a cover installed over your outdoor air conditioning unit. We offer custom air conditioning unit covers that will fit perfectly over your unit. These are available for purchase at Christian Heating and Air Conditioning. You can give us a call at 1-215-488-5795 or ask your technician to get your custom HVAC air conditioning cover today.

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