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October 7, 2019

Best Heating/Cooling Option for a Finished Basement

Finished basements add value to your property and give you more space. It’s natural as a homeowner, to want to make use of every square inch of your home. Whether you use your finished basement for recreation activities such as a movie room, kids play area, or additional living space. You will need to ensure this area is as comfortable as the rest of your home. Are you wondering what are the best heating and cooling options for your finished basement? Here are some examples.

Consider Extending the Current HVAC System

One of our HVAC techs can help you determine if your existing heating and cooling system can service the finished basement along with the entire house. The system should remain effective even after extending its services to the basement. This method is one of the easiest and least expensive as it only requires additional duct-work and quality workmanship provided your system can handle the workload.

Invest in Ductless Air Conditioners

Technology has made ductless air conditioners a reality. Ductless mini-split systems are another common solution for heating and cooling finished basements. These units are generally small heat pumps with enough capacity to heat and cool. They are ideal options for basements that aren’t connected to central heating and cooling systems. Due to their sizes, these ductless mini-split units are incredibly versatile and easy to install. They are also energy efficient since they have no ducts that act as a medium for energy loss. This option will also give you control over the temperature in the basement. 

Add a Whole-Home Humidifier and/or Dehumidifier

If you were not aware controlling and maintaining relative humidity in your home is an important factor in achieving total home comfort. Relative Humidity (RH) is the amount of water vapor present in air expressed as a percentage of the amount of moisture the air can hold at that temperature. The optimal range for proper RH in a home is between 35-45%. The relative humidity in the home can impact asthma, allergies, skin conditions and increase incidence of cold and flu. Control of humidity also protects against mold growth, smelly odors and damage to the home.

Humidifiers (in the heat season) and Dehumidifiers (in the a/c season) will help maintain this optimal level of RH needed in your home by removing and adding moisture to the air through your hvac system automatically! By running a whole-home humidifier and dehumidifier, you can not only provide your family with great health benefits but lower your thermostat and still feel comfortable! Not to mention they allow your hvac system to run more efficiently and therefore saving you in high energy costs to heat or cool your home.

Your best choice among these options mentioned above highly depends on your needs. Call 1-215-488-5795 Christian Heating and Air Conditioning to speak to a qualified HVAC professional and get expert advice on how to heat and cool your finished basement and be comfortable in any room throughout your house.

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