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Quality Dehumidifiers

Christian Heating and Air Conditioning can install an Aprilaire® or Ultra-Aire home dehumidifier so you can achieve better indoor air quality and healthy home comfort. Excess moisture in your home can be noticeable. You may smell musty odors, see mold growing, or feel clammy. High humidity can also impact your health.

Dehumidifiers installed in your HVAC system keep the humidity in your home under control by automatically adjusting the humidity levels accordingly. It will pull moisture from the air before the air conditioner circulates it through your air ducts. When you pair a dehumidifier with an air conditioning system, you can easily adjust your home’s temperature and humidity level.

The Benefits of a Dehumidifier Can:

Make Your Home Comfortable

Overcooling your home to control and combat the humidity will not only make you feel more uncomfortable, but cause an increase in energy & utility bills!

Keep You and Your Family Healthy

Excess humidity in the home creates conditions that are perfect for mold and insects like dust mites. Both are major indoor triggers for people with allergies, asthma, and other lung-related conditions.

Protect Your Property

High humidity in your home can warp & damage wood floors and trim! Excess moisture can also get trapped in carpets, ruin electronics or furniture as well as cause musty mildew odors in your basement!

Commit to Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient ventilation and moisture control are critical components in whole-home performance. When excess humidity is removed from indoor air, you’ll feel cooler!

Whole Home Dehumidifier

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Learn about the issues that arise from damp, humid basements; and the high-capacity solutions available to correct them:

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