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Why Should I Get an Energy Audit for My Home?

Many homeowners experience uncomfortable rooms, high utility bills, and poor indoor air quality. Many of these issues and more can be revealed in a Home and Duct Performance Evaluation. See below for ways we can help with the issues you have with your home then contact us to schedule your home energy audit.

What is a Home & Duct Performance Evaluation?

Home & Duct Performance Evaluation is an energy test done for your home and ductwork. A room by room analysis is done by putting the home in negative pressure and determining where your home is wasting energy. We then use our infrared cameras to see hidden areas and other tests to reveal the air leakage. If you have a ducted HVAC system, we then evaluate the amount of leakage you have in your ductwork and inspect the duct to determine where airflow can be increased or balanced to make you more comfortable. This will allow us to see if your heater or air conditioner is performing as it was designed to!

Duct Leakage Issues?

Don’t pay to condition air that is leaking out of your home! Find out where you are wasting all that conditioned air? In most cases, the average home has 20-30% duct leakage, dropping the efficiency of your 16 SEER air Conditioner to an 11 SEER! That’s like losing 5 less miles per gallon in your car!

Temperature Issues Between Floors?

Do you notice that your bedrooms never seem to be as cool or warm as the 1st floor in your home? Call a professional!

Tired of Dirty or Leaking Ductwork?

Do you ever notice that your heating and cooling system never shuts off or that you might be in need of duct cleaning? Have it inspected!

Blower Door Testing

We will test your home’s envelope and find how efficient your home is then IMPROVE it! Schedule your comprehensive Home Energy Audit Today.

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