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Better Water for Your Home

Although the water in your home may not be harmful to your health, the hardness of the water can cause havoc on your pipes and plumbing fixtures. Hard water can cause rust and pipe damage, potentially resulting in leaks. It also has an unpleasant taste and makes cleaning delicate fabrics, surfaces, dishes, and other items difficult. By removing the minerals found in hard water, a water softener can effectively protect your appliances, clothing, and other items.

Do I Have Hard Water?

Identifying the presence of hard water in your home is crucial. If you notice spots and stains on dishes, shower doors, and faucets, experience dry skin and hair, or find that your fabrics lack softness, hard water may be the culprit. Hard water is a common issue in many parts of the country, and you can check if you reside in one of these areas using a map.

How Long Do Water Softeners Last

Water softeners typically last between 10 to 20 years, depending on their quality and maintenance. When you notice changes in water feel, pressure, the appearance of hard water spots on dishes and shower doors, or detect unusual taste or smell in your drinking water, it’s time to consider replacing your system.

Water Softener Installation

Water Softener Repair & Replacement

Our certified plumbers are well-versed in various water softener technologies and can handle repairs and replacements for different makes and models. We prioritize the use of original equipment manufacturer parts for repairs when available. Our thorough process includes cleaning the brine tank, identifying the root cause of the water softener issue, and cleaning the resin bed to remove accumulated iron. Additionally, we clear any sediment buildup from the resin tank injector and bypass valves. If necessary, we will recommend a replacement if the water softener still does not function properly.

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Water Softener Maintenance

Plumbing Maintenance is Important

Regular maintenance is vital to keep your water softener operating at its best. Since water continuously flows through the system, neglecting regular cleaning and maintenance can lead to rust and residue buildup. While professional servicing is essential, there are some maintenance tasks you can perform on your own, such as checking salt and water levels. Taking proactive steps to clean or replace specific system components can prevent major problems and save you money and hassle.

Benefits of Supplemental Water Filtration

Whole-home water filtration through a whole-house water filter can be highly beneficial. It helps remove chlorine taste and odor, as well as pollutants like microbial cysts, agricultural runoff, sand, lead, and mercury, reducing them to safe levels before they enter your pipes and appliances.

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If you need assistance selecting the right water softener for your home or require installation or replacement services, choose Christian. Our extensive residential plumbing experience in the greater Philadelphia area is second to none. Feel free to call us at 1-215-488-5795 for any questions or to schedule an appointment. Improve your home’s water quality with our reliable water softener solutions today.