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Expert Plumbers that Know Garbage Disposals

If you live in Bucks or Montgomery counties or throughout the neighboring areas and need garbage disposal repair, turn to the team at Christian. We’re a family business that has been serving this region for more than three decades. Our plumbers are all highly skilled and experienced, and they’re going to perform a precision repair of your garbage disposal unit using high-quality parts.

Why Trust Christian for All Your Plumbing Needs

Our experience with garbage disposal repair is the number one reason to choose Christian. We deliver superior workmanship and stand behind that work. Our company also prides itself on exceptional customer service and care and wants to earn you as a longtime and loyal customer.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Signs You Need Garbage Disposal Repair

A garbage disposal that won’t turn on is in obvious need of fixing, but there are often indications that you need Christian’s garbage disposal repair services long before you get to that point. Abnormal and loud noises are among the most prevalent, and one of the common mistakes homeowners make is ignoring those sounds and hoping that they’re just going to go away on their own. Metal-sounding noises are particularly troublesome. Turn off your garbage disposal, and call Christian right away.

Some light clogging is to be expected particularly if your household doesn’t have the best garbage disposal habits, but unexplained and frequent clogs are often signs of a more serious problem. Frequent resets also aren’t normal and can indicate either a plumbing or electrical issue. Odors that persist even after a thorough rinsing suggest an obstruction, and we recommend never resorting to harsh chemical cleaners found in your local stores. Poor performance means that your blades need to be sharpened or replaced, and even a minor leak should be fixed before it develops into a much bigger problem.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Plumber

Another common mistake we encounter is homeowners attempting a do-it-yourself job in the hopes of saving some money. More often than not, they end up spending more and wasting more time. When you hire Christian, you know we’re going to perform that garbage disposal repair the right way the first time around.

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The Benefits of Professional Garbage Disposal Repair

Hiring Christian for professional garbage disposal repair is going to extend the life of your equipment and ensure safe operation. Putting off a problem with your garbage disposal is only going to cost you more in the end as the repair will become more expensive, and the life expectancy of the unit will degrade. Hiring Christian also gives you peace of mind. Our technicians are going to thoroughly inspect and clean your garbage disposal and then carry out any necessary repairs.

Garbage Disposal Installation & Replacement

Christian also specializes in garbage disposal installation. We can install garbage disposals under sinks that don’t currently have a system, and we can replace old units as well. Our company offers a wide range of the best garbage disposal systems from the top brands and we can help you choose the ideal unit for your home and budget.

Additional Plumbing Services We Handle

Our plumbers perform a full range of plumbing installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair services. That includes faucets and fixtures, toilets, water heaters, and sump pumps. We offer drain cleaning, appliance hookup, and gas and water line installation.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Choose Christian for Trusted Garbage Disposal Repair

When you have a problem with your garbage disposal, count on Christian for affordable and reliable garbage disposal repair. Call us today at 1-215-488-5795 or contact us online to schedule an appointment or with any questions.