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Improve Air Quality with Humidity Control

Christian Heating & Air Conditioning does much more than help our customers heat their homes. We emphasize energy efficiency, adequate ventilation, and optimal indoor air quality. An aspect of home HVAC that often does not get enough attention is humidity and the role it can play in heating costs and in diminishing your indoor air quality. It is for these reasons that we often advise our clients to consider a home humidifier. There are whole home humidification systems available that we can integrate into your existing system in order to maintain the ideal relative humidity throughout the heating season. It will make your residence feel warmer, lower your heating costs, and help you avoid health issues associated with dry air, such as headaches, itchy skin, and an irritated respiratory system. If you are interested, contact us today to learn more about your options and to receive a free estimate.

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    Why Install a Whole Home Humidifier

    A whole home humidifier is an excellent long-term investment. Dry air is a common byproduct of heating your home. Dryer air does not feel as warm, which encourages you to set the thermostat to a higher temperature and thus spend more money. With a humidifier, you can set the temperature lower. You spend less, and your equipment does not have to work as hard. There are health benefits as well. Optimal relative humidity is conducive to easier breathing, better sleep, and healthier skin. Low humidity on the other hand, often exacerbates symptoms from allergies and colds.

    • Sleep Better

      Research shows that people sleep better when the relative humidity is between 40% and 60%. This humidity range is also effective at limiting the indoor air pollutants that can disrupt sleep.

    • Comfortable Breathing

      Dry air leads to dehydration because body fluids are depleted during respiration. Adding moisture to the air helps to avoid this dehydration and often issues like headaches, nosebleeds, fatigue, and insomnia.

    • Fewer Allergy Symptoms

      Low humidity is known to exacerbate and even trigger allergy symptoms. Drier air leads to more airborne dust allergens. It also dries the nasal passages, which eases the path for allergens to the lungs.

    • HVAC Equipment Maintenance

      The ideal relative humidity makes your home feel warmer. That means a lower heating bill and less of a workload for your heating system, which will result in needing less maintenance and repairs.

    Additional resources

    Home Humidifier Options for Forced Air Systems
    Other Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

    Home Humidifier Options for Forced Air Systems

    A central home humidifier is integrated into a central HVAC system, which has ductwork. The humidifier adds moisture to the warm air before it is forced into the ducts and out into the living spaces.

    Bypass Humidifier Installation

    A bypass humidifier is installed in the ductwork itself. It does not integrate with the existing HVAC equipment but rather adds moisture to the air after it has been forced into the ducts.

    Fan-Powered Humidifier Installation

    Rather than relying on a blower to move air, this humidifier has its own dedicated fan. That fan pushes the air through a water tray in order to add moisture, which is often a more efficient approach.

    Steam Humidifier Installation

    A steam humidifier creates steam by boiling water, and that steam then enters the ventilation system. This method is not only highly efficient but often the fastest way to reach the desired humidity.

    Other Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

    Low humidity is not the only factor that can diminish your indoor air quality. High humidity is another. Outdoor air pollution is a concern because, without filtration, the baseline for your indoor concentration is set by the outdoor levels. There is also the potential for inadvertently introducing pollutants into your home. It is, for this reason, we install air purifiers and humidifiers and provide duct cleaning.

    • Active Air Filtration
      Your HVAC system uses air filters designed to keep contaminants out of the system. The typical guideline is to replace them every three months, but this varies from home to home. We recommend regular visual inspections and replacing them whenever you can see the dust. Such filters, however, are not designed to clean your air. For that, you need a dedicated air filter. We often recommend the AirRanger system, which can integrate with your existing HVAC equipment.
    • UVC Air Purification
      Air purification is an alternative to air filtration and Christian will often recommend it as the superior option. UVC air purification involves the use of UV rays and is often employed in hospitals for disinfection. The Series3 model that we install can integrate with your current HVAC system. As air is forced through the system, it kills bacteria, viruses, mold, dust mites, and many other contaminants.
    • Air Scrubbers
      Air scrubbers are a more recent innovation that was originally designed for the International Space Station. They have since been adapted for residential use. This involves ultraviolet light as well but also a scrubbing process, which can remove volatile organic compounds. Trees are often referred to as nature’s air scrubbers, and these catalytic processes are actually quite similar.
    • Dehumidifiers
      The cooling season not only brings with it hot air but humid air. An air conditioner does remove moisture but often cannot keep up when the humidity is high. By installing a humidifier, you will breathe easier and be more comfortable. Your home will feel cooler at a higher temperature, and your AC will not have to work nearly as hard, which will save you maintenance and repair costs in the future.

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