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Professional Faucet Repair Services

When homeowners throughout Bucks and Montgomery counties and the surrounding areas need faucet repair, they turn to the team at Christian. We’re a family-owned and -operated company that has served this region since 1989. Christian is a fully licensed and insured plumbing contractor. Our plumbers are all licensed and highly experienced, and we have master plumbers on staff.

Why Choose Christian for Your Plumbing Needs

There are many great reasons to choose Christian for faucet repair and all of the other many plumbing services that we offer. Our company delivers superior craftsmanship and only uses premium parts and materials. We stand behind our work, which is all completed in accordance with manufacturer requirements and local plumbing codes. At Christian, we also pride ourselves on excellence in customer service and care and will work hard to make you our next loyal and long-time customer.

Faucet Repair Services

Signs You Need Faucet Repair

Perhaps the most common problem is a dripping faucet, which is often caused by a worn component, such as an O-ring, but is sometimes the result of high water pressure as well. You may also have general wear to functionality, such as handles that don’t turn easily or a faucet hose that doesn’t spray. A faucet may also spit or otherwise provide an uneven flow, which is often due to a bad aerator.

Rust and mineral deposits are prevalent causes of faucet repair. Those can be cleaned, but the faucet will eventually get to a point where it needs to be fixed or even replaced. Other common issues include low water pressure, slow hot water, leaking handles, squeaking handles, and faucet necks, and an old, worn-out faucet can also be the reason your water suddenly tastes and/or smells bad.

Professional Faucet Repair

The Benefits of Professional Faucet Repair

Faucet repair is a practical solution that we recommend to our customers, and we can restore your faucet to like-new condition. Our experienced plumber will clean the faucet so that it looks new, and we’ll replace all of the worn components so that it functions as you expect it to for many years to come.

Hire a Professional Plumber

Homeowners will often tackle a plumbing job like faucet repair themselves in the hopes of saving money, but the average do-it-yourself plumbing project ends up costing more money and wasting more time in the end. When you hire Christian, you do so with the peace of mind that we’re going to diagnose the problem accurately and carry out a repair using the ideal premium parts the right way the first time around.

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Faucet Replacement

A faucet can become worn to the point that restoration isn’t viable and that replacement is the better choice moving forward. Our team can install a new faucet if you have purchased one and if you provide it to us. We also offer a wide variety of popular faucets that you can pick out and purchase through us. In either case, we’ll install your new faucet according to the manufacturer’s specifications and ensure that it looks beautiful and functions well.

Other Plumbing Services

At Christian, we do much more than just repair faucets and fixtures. We also install water heaters, sump pumps, and gas and water lines. Our team also performs reliable appliance hookups. Our professionals clean drains and also install and repair toilets and garbage disposals.

Choose Christian for Faucet Repair

When you need faucet repair, choose Christian because we’ve been a trusted plumbing company in this region for more than 30 years. Call us to schedule a repair appointment or with any questions about the products and services we offer or use the contact form on our website.