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January 21, 2019

Debunked Myths About Your Furnace

There are various myths about your furnace that you may have heard when the cold weather appears; you obviously will do anything you can to save money just by keeping your home warm and toasty. Any methods you feel comfortable with that will save on your next electric bill will make sense, or does it?

Turning Up Your Thermostat Will Heat Your Home Quickly

Never believe that just by turning up your thermostat will quickly heat your home because it will not. If you do, you will only make your HVAC furnace run for a longer time which will only cost you more money that you didn’t need to spend. As a good money-saver, if your thermostat stays between 68-72 degrees, your energy bill will be reduced.

Closing Vents Works like A Charm

It is not true that if you close your vents all the time, you will save money when your HVAC furnace is running. The truth is closing your vents will only prevent the necessary heat from being circulated throughout your home. It can cause your furnace to work wastefully due to the air flow not being balanced correctly. Your furnace will only work harder than it is supposed to. Keeping your vents open will move the air to produce the best heat, and you will save energy.

Maintenance Is Not an Option, It Is Necessary

It is important to be aware that even the littlest issues with your furnace can cost you more money. Getting your furnace checked when it needs to will increase its lifespan. Scheduling a maintenance every year to make sure it is in good shape is important.

Protecting Windows Will Not Help Matters

Many times, when you feel a draft by a regular window, you feel the need to protect it by covering it up to keep warm heat inside. The truth is that to keep heat inside your home, you will save energy and money by hanging up honeycomb blinds or heavy drapes over the windows that will effectively do the job.

Whenever in doubt, thinking myths that can or cannot harm your furnace, the best thing to do while keeping your home feeling contented, is to speak to a Heating and Cooling Professional. He or she will answer any questions that you may have, and you will feel at ease when maintaining a budget. Contact the experts at Christian Heating & Air Conditioning at 1-215-488-5795 for a free consultation.

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