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Aerus products blend cutting-edge technology with innovative design to create amazing, healthy living environments. ActivePure®, Certified Space Technology, and other Aerus products contribute to a cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable living environment at home, work, and elsewhere. It has been shown to remove up to 99.9% of a variety of typical airborne and surface contaminants. Christian mainly installs the Aerus Air Scrubber onto your current ducted HVAC system.

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Whole-Home Air Purifiers
  • Guardian Air Purifier by Aerus
  • Beyond Guardian Air Purifier by Aerus
  • Guardian Angel Air Purifier by Aerus
  • Pure & Clean Air Purifier by Aerus
  • PureCloud Air Purifier by Aerus
  • Air Scrubber Air Purifier by Aerus

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Christian is a trusted provider of Aerus air purifiers and other indoor air quality solutions for the home. If you have any questions regarding our indoor air quality services or products, or if you would like to book an in-home test and consultation, please contact us.