Water Pressure Problems

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Inadequate water pressure poses a common challenge in residential plumbing, affecting not just faucets and sinks but also dishwashers, showerheads, toilets, and various plumbing fixtures. The underlying causes for these water pressure problems are diverse, with some necessitating quick remedies while others demanding more substantial interventions.

On-Demand Plumbing Repair

While leaks are the most prevalent sign that you require water line repairs, you may also notice a decline in water pressure, receive unexpectedly high water bills, or encounter sputtering and related problems. It’s crucial to call a licensed plumber to your residence promptly to diagnose and repair the issue. Neglecting apparent issues like low water pressure could lead to significant damage to your home later on.

Water Pressure Problems

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Why Do I Have Low Water Pressure?

If you’ve recently noticed low water pressure affecting your daily life, various factors might be responsible, including leaky or corroded pipes, blockages, excessive lime deposits, and more.

Accumulation of Debris in Pipes

Obstructions in pipes due to the buildup of debris such as dirt, sand, solidified oil and grease, food particles, or foreign objects can significantly disrupt water pressure. In some cases, contaminants may congest pipes as they become trapped in fractures within the water main. Over time, mineral deposits can accumulate, further narrowing pipes and subsequently reducing water pressure by limiting the available path for water flow.

Corrosion of Pipes

Corrosion results in the formation of oxidation on the inner surfaces of pipes, constricting the flow of water. This phenomenon is particularly common in aging galvanized steel pipes. Corroded pipes may progressively develop perforations until they eventually fail.

Issues with Water Shutoff Valves

The water shutoff valve plays a crucial role in controlling the water inflow into your home. Adequate water pressure can only be maintained if this valve is fully open. Inadequate water pressure may occur when the valve is only partially open. Resolving this issue can often be as straightforward as fully reopening the primary water shutoff valve. The procedure for opening the valve may vary depending on its type. For a lever-style valve, adjust the handle until it aligns with the water pipe. In the case of a wheel-type valve, turn the wheel counterclockwise until snug, then give it a quarter turn clockwise to prevent sticking or leakage.

Malfunctioning Pressure Regulator

Pressure regulators are designed to maintain consistent water pressure in plumbing systems equipped with these devices. Typically preset by the manufacturer to a range of 45-60 psi, these regulators rarely require adjustments. If you experience water pressure problems, it may be worthwhile to attempt regulating the device. However, if the regulator is faulty, it’s essential to have it repaired or replaced by a licensed plumber.

Pipe and Fixture Leaks

Plumbing leaks can lead to various issues, including reduced water pressure. This occurs when a portion of the water in your plumbing system diverts or escapes from its intended path. If you suspect or identify a leak, prompt action is advised because other problems may arise. Contact professional plumbers promptly to prevent further damage. Christian offers emergency plumbing repair, ready to swiftly address such concerns and safeguard your property from harm.

Bad External Water Supplier

When your water supplier faces issues with water pressure, these problems may extend to your home. Complications within the supplier’s network or municipal water source are beyond the scope of household remedies. If your neighbors are experiencing similar issues, it’s advisable to contact your water company for updates on the situation and expected resolution timelines.

Plumbing Repair

Install a Booster Pump

A booster pump is a device that enhances the flow and pressure of low-pressure water, providing the extra boost needed to achieve the desired water pressure. It supplies pressure to move water from a storage tank or throughout a home or business. This is an excellent option for many homes without plumbing issues that simply require a slight increase in water pressure.

Repairs for Faucets and Fixtures

Your plumbing fixtures and faucets often develop leaks, which can be costly and potentially cause water damage. Whether you need a kitchen or bathroom faucet repaired or replaced, the skilled plumbers at Christian can fix faulty fixtures, helping you save on water bills and ensure the necessary water pressure.

Drain Clearing

Sewer drains are another frequently clogged part of your home’s plumbing system. Few things are more frustrating than a slow or clogged drain. If left unattended, blocked drains can emit unpleasant odors and potentially lead to costly plumbing issues. Christian offers drain cleaning services to keep wastewater flowing away from your home.

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If you’re experiencing sudden water pressure problems in your home, it’s crucial to seek assistance promptly. Our team of licensed plumbers at Christian is readily available to offer their expertise. Our experienced professionals are prepared to address your water pressure concerns and ensure everything functions correctly. To schedule service, you can make an online request or give us a call at 1-215-488-5795 today.