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October 10, 2019

Ways to Cut Costs on Heating Bills This Winter

With summer behind us, it’s time to put away the swimsuits and pool noodles and start thinking about the first leaves falling. Soon, winter will be in full swing, and with prices for heating skyrocketing during that season, it can be difficult keeping the heat on.

No one wants to have to pay an unnecessary and high electric bill, so it’s essential to take the necessary steps to cut down on HVAC costs. Here are three tips on ways to cut down the cost of heating bills this winter.

Lower The Thermostat

A simple yet extremely effective way to keep the costs down is to lower the temperature of your thermostat. Many homeowners make the same mistake of leaving their thermostat on the same setting for months. Even though 70 degrees is an ideal room temperature, it can dramatically inflate your utility bill. Most HVAC professionals agree that 68 degrees is the perfect temperature to keep your thermostat on during the winter.

Keep Chimney Damper Shut When Not Using

If you have a chimney, you may not realize that you can lose heat due to your chimney damper being open. This can cause your bills to go through the roof literally. Closing the damper while the chimney is not in use will prevent heat from going up your chimney.

Make Use Of Your Fans

Some may argue that this is counterproductive, but you can use your ceiling fans to trap heat and keep it rising. Most fans these days have a counter-clockwise option, where it spins in the opposite direction. Instead of pushing the air out, the motion of the fan will cause the heat to rise.

Although fall has just begun, it never hurts to be prepared ahead of time for winter. Make sure to follow these tips if you ever need to cut back on your heating bill.

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