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5 Myths About HVAC Services

HVAC systems are undoubtedly one of the largest investments in your home. With great investments comes immense responsibilities. Routine maintenance and timely HVAC repairs ensure optimal efficiency from the units. HVAC preventative services have also proven to be kind on the wallet by preventing untimely breakdowns. However, along the way, you will come across multiple varying sources and opinions that can be hard to separate the misconceptions from the facts, especially for the average individual. Let’s debunk five of the most common myths revolving around HVAC services.

Myth 1: You Only Need to Change Your Filter Once a Year

Air filters are responsible for filtering out dirt, contaminants, and debris from the air. The accumulated dirt in the air filters clogs the system, restricting airflow into your home. Consider cleaning and replacing your air filters at least every 6 months. If you burn candles, notice a musty smell, have pets, suffer from allergies or asthma then may need to change the standard filters more often or invest in an upgraded filter.

Myth 2: You Don’t Need Routine Maintenance

Like your vehicles that require an oil change after so many miles, HVAC systems & accessories require maintenance before or after each season. They need to be cleaned out and checked to prevent early wear and tear and increase efficiency. Routine maintenance saves you from inopportune repair expenses and plays a huge role in extending your unit’s longevity. You also get to detect impending problems during their early stages and rectify them on time, saving you money and time.

Myth 3: The Larger the HVAC System, the Better

Unfortunately, a majority of homeowners will purchase oversized units thinking that they are the best. Afterall the bigger, the better, right? Not with HVAC systems. Oversized HVAC units make the room cooler faster. As a result, it runs a much shorter period than an air conditioner that has been properly sized will. This means the water cannot condense on the coil and is carried back into the room. This limits your air conditioner from removing humidity as well as results in inefficiency that reflects as escalated energy bills and even shortens the lifespan of the HVAC system. Our HVAC Comfort Specialist will help determine the proper HVAC sizing to avoid purchasing an oversized system.

Myth 4: Cool Your Home by Adjusting the Temperature to the Lowest Setting

Your HVAC system works by either switching off or on. With a thermostat, your unit will work to cool or heat your home as preset and desired. Contrary to common belief, setting your thermostat to incredibly low temperatures on hot days only triggers the HVAC system to work longer than required. Air conditioners are made to achieve a total drop of around 20F (11C) from the outside temperature. In other words, they are not made to continually go lower and lower until the room is freezing! Instead, they can achieve a certain drop from a starting temperature. If the outside temperature is 95F, they’ll get us to around 75F at the lowest.

Myth 5: It Doesn’t Matter Where Your Thermostat is Located

The thermostat is ideally the HVAC’s brain. It regulates your home’s cooling and heating conditions and controls the system on when to turn off or on. Little known to some homeowners, your choice of thermostat position affects how it reads temperatures and how the system reacts to it. If placed directly under the sun, the thermostat can heat up, misread the temperature, and directs the HVAC system to regulate based on a false temperature. It is best to put your thermostat in a location away from direct sunlight, air vents, kitchen and other locations that can misconstrue a false temperature reading.

With all these myths debunked, you are on the right track to restoring energy efficiency in your home. For more information, call Christian Heating and Air Conditioning now to talk to an expert and let us guide you in all your home comfort and HVAC needs.



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